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June 2008

Ambient advertisment created by JWT, Australia for Anything & Whatever, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

You never know what you are going to get.

Advertising Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Directors: Sheungyan Lo, Pinit Chantaprateep, Andy DiLallo, Jay Benjamin
Copywrighter: Guy Futcher
Art Director: Brendan Donnelly
Typographer: Jeffrey Oley
Photographer: Xuan Ong Groovy Studio
Retoucher: Singapore
Producer: Sidney Stella Lim/Jasmine Lim, Singapore
Account supervisor: Betty Tsai

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BFB's picture
Activity Score 936

So... This is for an abortion clinic

NatalieM's picture
Activity Score 1685

I like how socially conscious these are. Is this a teaser for a public service announcement? Or are they seriously for a soda pop company? Please explain.

reject_subject's picture
Activity Score 209

I'm realy, I mean realy confused... Don't know what to think...

mmackinven's picture
Activity Score 1608

Anything & Whatever are a series of drinks, that you don't know what you're going to get.

Anything is carbonated (i think?) and Whatever is no-carbonated (could be other way round?)

Flavours like: Orange (carb or non carb) cola, lemonade (c or non c), Green tea, well pretty much everything under the sun.

Interesting product idea though.

Brema's picture
Activity Score 192

funny HillBilly Family visual though, So the white family (Father daughter & son) are keeping it in the family and their farm hand has been known to lend a helping hand? notice also how she's only holding the farm guys hand.. i suspect he's endowed like the horses he tends to.. that would explain why she's more attached to him heh

Strike two stones with one bird

Alistair C.'s picture
Alistair C.
Activity Score 692

this is so mean and i love it. much much better than the magician, but it still could be better.

thea-ryn's picture
Activity Score 13

hahahaha! :D
nasty ;) i want to get a dring from there now :D

salvarredy's picture
Activity Score 354


Lovely campaign, the pictures are really beauty,
good art direction.

karinova's picture
Activity Score 28

Shocking and eye-catching. But I wouldn't dare run this in the US!

imgns's picture
Activity Score 68

Like the magician one better.. don´t like the message this one sents... but, i really would love to try this product, whish they sell it in Perú.

casualtyofdesign's picture
Activity Score 108

I like all of these ads, I found a commercial for them too on youtube.

Freegin funny as hell!

Michael "Mr. Echo" Roberson