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January 2010

Andes Beer: Teletransporter


Many beer brands speak to men in a shared tone showing to them that they really understand their needs. Yet, up to know, all intentions where express by a message without and action plan. Andes, the leader beer in the Andina Region of Argentina, presents: Andes Beer: Teletransporter – a revolutionary invention capable of doing something almost impossible: men can now go to a bar and share an Andes beer with friends without having any problems with their girlfriends. Andes Teletransporter Booths have been installed at the main bars of Mendoza, Argentina. Einstein mentioned that teletransportation was impossible since objects could not conduct faster than light. Einstein was wrong!

Legal Notice: Teleportation does not cause any physical non psychological damages. It helps and encourages long lasting couples and friendships. To lie is a sin, teleport is not!

Ambient advertisment created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina for Andes Beer, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina
Chief Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff, Mariano Serkin
Creative Director: Javier Campopiano
Copywriter: Patricio del Sante
Art Director: Carlos Muller
Designers: Bruno Tortolano, Juan Pedro Porcaro
Agency Producers: Adrian Aspani, Camilo Rojas, Patricio Martinez
Account Director: María Lorena Pascual
Account Executive: Jaime Vidal
Booth designers: AD Productions
Production Company: Primo
Directors: Nico y Martin
Executive Producer: Carolina Cordini
Photography Director: Leandro Fillol
Post-Production Service Company: Cinecolor
Audio Post-Production: Supercharango
Responsible for Client: Ricardo Fernandez, Pablo Firpo, Eduardo Palacios, Martín Cao

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morse's picture
Activity Score 18024

Wow! Absolutely amazing! I want this device at our place.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Fridgerator's picture
Activity Score 458

This is absolute brilliance. wow.

The concept is only as good as the execution.

Charlie_12's picture
Activity Score 97

Great campaign!

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Activity Score 251

I would like to bring it to vietnam. Very excellent!

thedesignaddict's picture
Activity Score 5403

10/10. Amazing idea. Congrats.

bubblestheclownfish's picture
Activity Score 614

"Why lie if you can teleport?" You ARE lying.

I know the beer industry, and it's a hard category to distinguish yourself in, because let's face it - most beer are pretty much the same, BUT you have to take a stand on where you sit within the market.

I'll list beers that are internationally known...
Stella Artois is the unattainable, the precious beer that you would do anything to protect.
Heineken is the club beer - about high fashion and style.
Bud is irreverent and fun 80% of the time and talks of craftmanship the other 20%
Corona Extra is about a relaxed attitude, sharing special moments with friends.
Bud Light and Coors Light are about the party lifestyle.

This? Apparently it's about lying to your girlfriend/wife and nothing else. If that's cool with them, then hey - I guess that's their angle. And if all their other advertising is about that, then they've clearly stated where they stand in the market. If their other ads aren't, then they're struggling to find what they're about.

It's a great concept, and well executed, but it just doesn't sit right - and I'd wonder if the $ invested was worth the return.

thedesignaddict's picture
Activity Score 5403

I totally disagree. It's called comic hyperbole. Bud built their incredible success on the back of it, and in my opinion Bud is probably kicking themselves that they didn't think of this idea first. Men will see this concept, and think, 'That's hilarious. Andes Beer understands how I think'.

Increased market share and return on investment? - you betcha.

miko1aj's picture
Activity Score 3086

So what? It's all about LYING and it has nothing to do with this that "many people thinks this way".
Promising to the people, that their relationships will be better, even if men will (in better way) lie to their girlfriends is a LIE itself.
It appears as a good insight, but
EARNING MONEY using LIES and encouraging people to LIE is abominable for me.

People may like it, but it doesn't change negative factors of it.

bubblestheclownfish's picture
Activity Score 614

the designaddict: How can I SO agree with you on that dark chocolate ad, and then not on this? ;^P

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Activity Score 4172

No, no, no. You don´t know the product. I´m from Mendoza, Argentina. Here, Andes is the beer of the fun, the friends moments. That´s why all this brilliant campaign was very successful in all country.

Guest's picture

You're blowing this out of proportion. Probably coz you're not the target (dunno) and most definitely cause you're not from the country/region. You don't share the same idiosyncrasy, the same insights and the same codes.

Andes is essentially about relationships. With friends and with girlfriends, it's about winning at the clubs with the ladies, but also having fun with your buds. It's about the classic (and I thought it was universal, apparently not) struggle of keeping balance between your girl and your friends. Of course in an exaggerated humorous tone. It's something man can relate too. And if you watched the commercials closely it's not about cheating or hurting people with your's about friendship and relationships, it's fun.

It's the typical male camaraderie where your friends drive you crazy when you blow the off for your girl, and the other way around. It's pretty common and universal.

I repeat maybe you're not the target, or maybe this doesn't work on other countries. But here, it works perfectly. Is insightful and very well executed. As many of their campaigns.


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Activity Score 2758

simply mindblowing job!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Activity Score 2712

So funny

kurtberengeiger's picture
Activity Score 7323

Simply great. Congrats to the team.

satrianee's picture
Activity Score 3748

Sometimes people deserved to be lied to. A grown up is legally entitled to drink anytime with friends, and he/she doesn't have to make up excuses to anyone.

The idea is so brilliant. Very well use of the environment. And very much fun.

antondeluxe's picture
Activity Score 43

I Love U!!!!!!!!

eugenius's picture
Activity Score 396

Guys we got life now... woohoo :-)

Brain-Art's picture
Activity Score 1101

Dude !!!

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Activity Score 42

damn awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sirvan's picture
Activity Score 29860

"You Pirate !" LOL.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

wert's picture
Activity Score 77

thats amazing! and f*&/% off all stupid people who said that this idea is wrong!

Minifly's picture
Activity Score 4

I totally love it, and I'm a married girl. How come no one did this beforeee!!! Great idea :)

Madeinmelmac's picture
Activity Score 116

this is a great ! tottaly great!
i dont understand why some guys try to show up like real moral persons and said this is wrong...f*ck u men! you are so liars like me and any men in the world....losers!

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Activity Score 18

Great job.

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Activity Score 2538

amazing..........but its must have cost a lot.

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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Activity Score 163

WOW!! does it really exist...

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Activity Score 440

Wow! Totally amazing idea! haha love it!

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Activity Score 6692

this is fucking best idea i've seen in years!

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Activity Score 50

WTF the best idea

Lucas Advertising

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resul ay
Activity Score 78

machina for the liars :)

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gravity's picture
Activity Score 181

man! what a brilliant idea.

and what a lucky ad company to find a customer willing to pay all that money for the execution!

i wish Efes did this in turkey...

appie's picture
Activity Score 157

Take it easy. I just wanna know what do i have to do get one of these machines. Send me one, pronto!

richewd's picture
Activity Score 3

A really killer idea!

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Activity Score 13557

One of the very best examples of guerrilla marketing. Truly stunning!'s picture
Activity Score 3

This is so amazing!! It's really creative!!!!!!! I love it!!

kagzmainah's picture
Activity Score 631

thinkin of going to try it out! Argentina here i come!

Maliheh's picture
Activity Score 79

you stupid guys its a BIG WHITE LIE , you just fool your selves , I pity you that you prefer lying to your girlfriend instead of facing the truth and solve your problems. SHAME ON YOU GUYS

wt da?

gonndo's picture
Activity Score 1094


Your boyfriend used it last time he called you, didn't he???

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

Guest's picture

this is a huge idea.. this .. this is amazing man. an idea and they make it real. wow. love that.

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I lol'ed

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Activity Score 248

I lol'ed

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jay jay
Activity Score 24

I've seen a lot of people with an exagerated moral sense here, it seems like if they were not publicists GRANDE MULA GRANDE PATO.

jay jay's picture
jay jay
Activity Score 24

I've seen a lot of people with an exagerated moral sense here, it seems like if they were not publicists GRANDE MULA GRANDE PATO.

Guest's picture

jajajajajaja this people talking about moral, lying and cheating are definitely not publicists, and all girls... so don't forget... you are not the target of this add... so, of course you wouldn't understand it and laugh about it...
lejos la mejor acción publicitaria en años...

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Girls, just go out. Tell your boyfriends you go out. This invention is hilarious! Good for you guys. You really do need time with your friends. This is misleading though. It might not be true that there would be less broken up couples. People who disagree with this ad, have their rights to their opinion and the creators and users of this teleporter know it's purpose.

And of course the target market for this ad would be Laughing their beers out their noses but let the boys have some fun and the beer company amass profit. That's all they want. Not sure that's all they'll get.