Child labour

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December 2008

Ambient advertisment created by AMO, India for Akanksha, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: AMO Communications Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Robert D'silva
Art Director: Suneel G Katarnavare
Copywriter: Imran Khan Hanafi

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venkatraman's picture

good work

p.syche's picture
Activity Score 267

I think the idea is pretty great and it gets your attention to the issue.

BUT... my biggest problem is that the ad company HIRES kids to do an anti-child labour ad!!!! kind of ironic...

LessTalkMoreMock's picture
Activity Score 104

"In some places they spoke to the owner and urged him to send the boy to school. "

Oh come on...

corre's picture
Activity Score 196

I like the idea of the sticker in general.
I like the picture of the kid with the tea. Wouldn't the photo and the sticker as a logo have been enough?

MaryPopsIn's picture

how did they make the stall owners to use the stickers campaigning against themselves?

act's picture
Activity Score 535

did they hire the kids to stick the stickers on to the glasses?

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

nothing will be readable after u finish tea in those glasses.
there will be tea leaves at the bottom making it hard to read the message.
we need I ideas that work...

Skor's picture
Activity Score 208

Tea served in india does not have tea leaves at the bottom... you can actually drink it all the way to the bottom... in that effect, it is an idea that works..

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Guest commenter

good work

jacky's picture

good work

jacky's picture

good work

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kinder anti-suprise

basically u fight against child labour using kids to work for spreading the message. funny paradox.

Haris V S's picture
Haris V S

Fantastic Work. All creatives in this universe are debateable. Do not bother at comments which are irrelevant. Keep doing such great work.

VJM's picture

Great work. Brilliant idea.It really hits home!

Tman's picture
Activity Score 19

The kids were not hired. The small tea stalls, usually employ kids which are, most of the times,one of the family members. Also, the owners of such small tea stalls are not that educated that they will understand what is written on a small sheet of paper or sticker; they only know numbers and not alphabets, especially english. Secondly, these guys were provided the glasses for tea, free of cost. So, they basically had no idea what is written on the sticker or why is there a sticker on the glass in the first place. They got it free of cost and that's all they wanted.

Mary PopsIn's picture
Mary PopsIn

Tman, I'm a bit confused here, this is supposed to be a public interest campaign against child labour, which usually has to do something with morality and ethics. What you're saying about illiteracy of stalk owners etc. makes this campaign seem as a subtle form of abuse to me. But again, I have never been to India, so may be utterly wrong.

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Activity Score 2

How did AMO started taking up a cause? This is pure scam. Shot outside Rahuvanshi Mill Compund. Apparently AMO is also located there. Dude why are you cheating yourself and the world. I want to ask the creative guys who did it? Have you ever donated some money for this cause? You yourself enjoy sipping tea at these small stalls.

venkatraman's picture

good work

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Guest commenter

Agreed! But even if its a so called SCAM, even if they hav done it just to add one more award in their kitty...its worth doing it yaar if the message reaches to the people.

Guest's picture

it 's a great idea.. every one who takee the tea gets the message....