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drizae's picture
Activity Score 503

Might look better as a print.

Fail Harder.

justpassingby's picture
Activity Score 1368

clever concept, bad art direction.
You dont need the guy on the right looking up like that, its too slapstick.
I would have preferred seeing the van as a packshot at the bottom of the press ad, its too forced on the list. No one puts a picture of the van on those lists.

Heads's picture
Activity Score 194

I thought excatly the same!

amelossi's picture
Activity Score 168

Good idea without art direction.

NITROXROX's picture
Activity Score 130

Its ambient media, not a press ad.

qiongyong2233's picture
Activity Score 34

ha ha ha nice ,good idea

rithwick's picture
Activity Score 14

hi ,
i too think this is an ambient idea.
but would it have been better if he had one big board ith all thier names and
wore the Volkswagen branding on his back.

that would have been less forced.
what do you guys think?

lara's picture
Activity Score 114

well i think its a nice idea n rithwickis also right in that way it would have been lukin real

LAZ's picture
Activity Score 288

as ambient, this is brilliant.

squirrely's picture
Activity Score 316

Why is it all typed? Just have one guy with a big peice of Bristol board and all the names hand-written (get rid of the other guy).

Maybe a line at the bottom that says "Room to spare" or something like that (just to play to the lowest common denominator).

thecharles's picture
Activity Score 104

Agreed, good concept, could have better execution

popdistortion's picture
Activity Score 1592

Love the idea. Hate the execution.

JELLYGOOSE's picture
Activity Score 88

I don't wanna be repatative but I guess I'll be...very good idea with a bad execution.

mostlatest's picture
Activity Score 38

The man also carries the picture of the car he is driving? Makes sense?

justpassingby's picture
Activity Score 1368

Ivan, if this is an ambient maybe you should mention it. People including myself are judging it as an ad.

ivan's picture

It is tagged as ambient. It may be too small to see, but it is there in blue under the title.

thoainguyen's picture
Activity Score 78

haha, because u justpassingby so you dont get it as an ambient :)

get_tune_with_me's picture
Activity Score 66

Good one

Mo's picture
Activity Score 648

It better be an ambient.

drizae's picture
Activity Score 503

Might look better as a print.

Fail Harder.