Native English Teacher needed in I.L.L Temara, Morocco

Teaching opportunities with the I.L.L Morocco.

The I.L.L Morocco is looking for Native English Teachers to join its Team of British, American, Australian, Canadian and Moroccan Teachers on Freelance / voluntary service or salary basis.

Minimum requirements :

- Bachelor degree or more from an accredited Institution / University…
- Current Certification or experience in teaching or equivalent…
- Seriousness and competency.
- Excellent oral and written skills.

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The Internatioanal Language Lab Center of Temara and Rabat has been serving the Rabat and Temara community for many years. The I.L.L-Temara and Rabat has been the choice for learners of English more than any other language school in the area, serving several thousand language learners per year at our headquarters and annex. Our facilities include a lending library, a bookstore, a multimedia lab, and a video screening room. We have over 30 instructors who come from a variety of backgrounds and different nationalities, all of which have university degrees and proven experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and (TEFL). Teachers at the International Language Lab Center are well qualified and have continuous on-site opportunities for further professional training. This means that the teachers at the I.L.L always have fresh ideas to bring to their classes.

The I.L.L Temara and Rabat aims to serve Temara and Rabat and neighboring communities by providing the highest quality English language instruction in a relaxed and friendly learning environment.
beside helping the students to meet up together and exchange ideas opinions etc......;