Jr. Copywriter (in US) for hire

I will be completing a Copywriter Internship at the end of the summer (6 months) with a mid-sized agency in Cincinnati, OH. I am interested in any possible Jr Copywriter positions that may be available at that time. Hey, it's never too early to start looking. I would be willing to re-locate and would be excited about the opportunity to do so, provided that the fit is right for both myself and the agency.
Here are some highlights of my experience as a writer:

-BA in Creative Writing
-2 years with the Second City Detroit as a script writer
-Experience in 3 different agencies in 2 different metro areas (Detroit/Cincinnati)
-Traffic Coordinator
-Content Management
-Copywriter Intern
-6 month Copy Internship (all mediums) under the guidance of a CD who came from a writing background
-Food Industry
-New Business

Please send all correspondence to:

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People don't respond to resumes (unless they include awards). People respond to good work. also, don't expect people to come to you, go to them.

Post some work, if it's good, people will call.