Freelance as a copywriter works???

Hi everybody! I'm a young creative copywriter from Latinamerica (Uruguay)and i was wondering if it's possible to work as a freelancer copywriter but through internet. If somebody have done it and if it is a common work way. Couse we all know that designers and programmers do it, but i haven's seen it in advertisement and less in copywriting or creativity. Thanks for comments!!


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I think it works, but you may have to travel sometimes.

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If you're good and are happy to do long copy across BTL and digital you can make a lot of money here in London as a freelance copywriter.

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Well, I freelance successfully and most of my clients are all over the US. It just depends on the client (agency) and their comfort level in working with someone they can't meet with face to face.

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No veo por que no, si encuentras una a gencia o un cliente con la mente asi de abierta como para permitirtelo estas en la gloria..

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I write for jesus everyday, and we've never met. So ues it works, he has never critisized anything I have done. I have stopped writing for elvis though, asshole.

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