We Make Fish Famous

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like it.

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niceeee~..maybe the AD can go crazier..perhaps abit bland now n tad too much text. g'luck!:)

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Thanks for your comments. Yes, I agree that there should be less copy. Being that they run in little tourist guide magazines where unfamiliar people are looking to be informed of what to do on the island, it makes it hard to get clients to realize that they still don't have to say everything. But we keep trying. We're also working on the rest of the campaign that includes a Mahi Mahi in a street interview (like on Entertainment Tonight or something), and a Marlin speaking at a press conference with tons of microphones. I'd also love to do one with the fish decked out in tons of bling, sitting on the end of a bed at a fancy hotel with a couple of hot chicks all up on him. That would be a little crazier.