Advertised brand: VOZET

Advert title(s): Break the Rule of Red

Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Mélange Medical Communications, Mumbai, India

Short rationale (optional):

The product Vozet is an anti allergic brand of GSK, India. It is prescribed in the case of allergies, here the specific case being Urticaria or Hives which is a skin condition, commonly caused due to an allergic reaction. Physical presentation is in the form of raised, red wheals on the skin associated with intense itching.

Rule of Red is used as a metaphor to signify allergies which mostly manifest red in colour (eg. in allergic rhinitis/ hay fever one would often encounter patients with watery, red eyes, red runny nose etc) In the case of Urticaria as red bumps on the skin.

Thus by appropriate use of the product, one can “Break the rule of red” by treating the allergy & getting rid of symptoms.

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Shobhit Mishra

what is the meaning of the word VOZET????????