The problem:
In Africa there are still a lot of people suffering from illiteracy.
The solution:
At night a lot of ‘messages in a bottle’ were thrown in the sea. The next day the beach will be full of bottles. Inside the bottle you could find a blank piece of paper, without a message on it, except for the small line of copy at the bottom of the page.
The copy:
On the other side of the ocean there are people who need your help, but they can’t read or write. Help us fight against illiteracy. Visit

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uhmmm.. What about (broken) glass bottles on the beach? The idea is nice, although the message in a bottle thing has been used for so many things allready..

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the thought is ok, especially 'other side of the ocean' part i like. but the reach is microscopic. Think about how to reach more people.

Also i'd think about: writing is not the only way to express yourself. maybe you can dramatise this fake 'cry for help' with drawings you can't figure.
right now you see there's a message in a bottle, you unfold it and notice that it is advertising immediately. very emotional start, very unemotional ending.

you need something more touching to get people to donate money

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well i think this is really nice - good job

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Thanks for all the critique guys...