the economist

comments please

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dont get it. Seriously, economics ads are really not cool anymore. ads for a brand that has won so many awards are hard to crack unless its really different. That's just my opinion. Everyone's trying to do something clever for the economist and none are working.

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Once again, why do students always try to brand the most award winning work in the world? This stuff takes some of the best ad people in the world to bang out. Find a product no one advertises...

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When you are a treinee, you are trying to get noticed and usualy do the wrong things, dont worry it happened to all of us eventualy. Your biggest mistake is the product you chose, to do an ad for the economist and put it in your portfolio, it has to be better than the ones that are being done, if not just leave it for yourself. Still, if you achive an ad thats better than the ones that are usually done, you will probably get a job right away, but it must be a Cannes !!