“Smoking cause impotency”

Design brief: In India mustache is a strong indication of a man being a man (manhood)
We are using the mustache as an idiom of a strong manhood as I have portrayed in this
Design indicating that gradually a smoker leads him self towards impotency. An impotency
Is such a word no man would like to emerge him self in this position. The gradually
decreasing size of mustache portrays the smoker leading towards impotency.

“Smoking cause impotency”
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love it dude.....nice keep it up.

love anything creative.

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Mansoor Bhatti
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I think its a good fun....


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Mr.Potato or Pringles??

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hm, where's the link between smoking and a small mustache? doesn't work for me, yet.

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Good concept... I felt impotency can be shown in this same concept but in a different way..... Anyways keep goin... U rock... :)

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hilarious...great concept...well thought n creative...:)

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Kind regards
Raheel Patel

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Yea, moustache fails... :D

Audit energetic in Buzias si localitatile din imprejurimi.

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Really like the "look" of it

Can't help but feel the moustache "drooping" may have been more on the ball than it getting smaller

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sami koofiani
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good job

Sami Koofiani

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Milan Solanki
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Sorry but I think, it doesn't work. If it's an ad for healthcare institute then it should focus on what treatments it can offer to suffering patients, and with what expertise, rather than just repeating a well-known fact.

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