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objectice: Every year Crossword, India’s largest chain of bookstores, hosts a Summer Fest giving platform for authors and readers to interact where they discuss a variety of subjects from Indian authors to India's Nuclear Programme to Child Sexual Abuse. Most youngsters use profanity casually, without actually understanding how they can affect people. Crossword used the Summer Fest as a platform to spread the word among the youth against using of foul language.

concept implementation:Youngsters use swear words casually, without realizing their effect on people around them. How do you convince them to stop using foul language, without preaching We decided to spread our message by using something young people mouth everyday – Chewing Gums. We manufactured special gum strips with cuss words punched into them. During the Summer Fest we distributed strips of these gum outside schools, colleges, discotheques, and other places. Youngsters who would otherwise swallow no advice, became active participants in this fun campaign to cut out swear words.

result: Kids found it amusing at first , there was a certain kind of shock value amongst parents towards profane words printed on gum strips . however teenagers and kids alike found it hip and cool to be associated with chewing

saints gum
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Darrin Stephens
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To me this is a big mess of contradictions. First you want to teach kids to read, then suddenly you're asking them to stop cursing. Where did that come from all of a sudden? Then in order to get them to stop cursing, you promote the use of the objectional words by printing them directly on the gum. This makes no sense. You're giving the bandits the gun! This is just an excuse to use profanity in a project. And the kids will use it as an excuse to curse. There are so many other positive solutions to this brief that would have been much clearer, and would have taught the kids something postitve without having first to resort to something negative. When kids are standing around talking about this gum, do you really think they're not using the very words you're telling them not to?

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I agree completely. I think this concept is very shortsighted and quite absurd. I'm not attempting to be rude or abusive in saying that, they are my honest opinion. Wow.

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so bad

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I don't get how this would stop kids from swearing. When I was in grade 5 I could go head to head with a trucker. No gum would have made me realize how foul I sounded.
I like the graphics on the package. I think the gum could be marketed.

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The thought of putting that gum in my mouth, makes me wonder...
Could this revolting effect bring a kid to lucid reasoning
that what they do is bad, and therefore not want it inside of
them, through them... At least for a second or two...
they might think about it.. but the rebel inside a teenager
comes out... and says... what the f.... its coming out
either or way!