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Works, but needs cooler art direction. I like the last one POST_IT.jpg

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i like this better than before. did my comment get deleted?

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No I deleted old post and sent this. Can anyone tell me if this is potentially a 'great' idea. Because I'm building my book and don'ty want any plain old 'that works' ads in there. Is this book worthy? Cheers.

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The idea is book worthy, but it still lacks something. Try to make the art direction a bit fresher. Your on the right path and not far from the final result. Good luck and keep comming up with good ideas

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I think it works, but you need a funnier or more unique situation or wittier lines to make this campaign from good to great. Good thinking!

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|A couple of them work, the 088 and the one about 'thingy called' because these are real situations. Think more about what and where you use post its and make something charming about that.

It could be stuff like "don't mention dave's weight" and dave has found the post it notes and is looking mad or that, then you could have an angle like, 'remember what you need to, just remember where you put it'.

I dunno, there could be something charming about the fact that post its are there to remind you of stuff but it's no good if you lose them. Could be "post its. Great for reminders, lousy if you've lost them" -just spit balling really.

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