Post it extra sticky

Post it extra sticky
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There really isnt any idea or insight here other than, its really sticky. I have no idea why someone would sticky a tattoo design to their arm so maybe I'm missing something? If not then I'll have to give a 0 thumbs up on this one sorry.


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I agree.

Is this even a product? If not then there's no skill in making an ad to fit your idea, that's poor form.

If it is a product then i can't see the market for it? Why wouldn't they just make the originals more sticky? Is this implying that normal ones aren't any good as we all know a post it note is designed to be stuck anywhere it's needed to remind us of something.

It's a bad idea from post it if this is an actual product and even worse if you made it up.

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I like the idea though, but I agree with Weighter, there is something missing... (i really don't know what though)
Maybe you just need to make a campaign out of it so the idea "sticks" to our brain.

Good luck