kingstone Pen Drive

kingstone pendrive is my Subject
I Explain in my ad to Pen Drive is a Data traveller

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I like the first one because it both suggests sturdy and huge to me, two benefits I'm always interested in when buying a flash drive. the next one, I am talking about the suitcase, kind of works in that realm but the locks make me think about security, which is a bit confusing. I do not like all the other ones.

you need to stop for a second and hammer out your strategy: do you want your campaign to say "this is a sturdy flash drive" (=it doesn't fail) or "you can fit a lot of stuff on this flash drive" ? then execute on that and pay it off with a line that confirms that yes, this is about a ____ flash drive. you don't need the two "data traveller" and whatever else that is lines next to the images.

I am making the assumption that everyone by now recognizes a usb-stick.

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Crisp One
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I agree about the first one....very good visual metaphor

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nice... but need more visual improvement

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have you seen those sony memory stick ads few years ago, the encyclopedia making the stick these are very similar to that, not saying these are copy but its rather old way of looking at it.
think from a different angle memory what happens if you lose all the data does that change you life, does your girl friend forget you etc etc.

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Really boring.

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Thanks to all comment


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Hmm sorry, nothing new here, and the layout could be better

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layout could be better

1 is nice

2 & 4 are ok

3 does not wrk (for me)

and i think the copy is not needed.

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Konnichiwa! hmmm... needs a little something. hmmm...

-Ja Mata Ne...

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Guest commenter

the 1st one is really really good.