Halls Throaties

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it's cool, I like it. Maybe better if there was a human in the picture?

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I like this ! Just center the seat more, (the distance between the copy and the seat is to big) and I would make the bubble at bit bigger and remove the white outline around the pack (unless it really is like that).
This is great, good work

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I like it but this need to be a campaign.
Make more executions!!
Really nice.

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I've tweaked the Art Direction (SEE Lost voice (neater)) based on Stigsets Advice. And Thanks all.

Wichl - Yep thanks, it will be a campaign soon. Other places may be In a plantpot, On a shelf, Under a rug, Stuck to someones back?? Under the bed. Anyone think of any other classic hiding places?? Cheers

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much better...

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That's good stuff! well done i would agree with wichi that more excutions might mbe needed!

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Much, much better. Do two more for a campaign and you've got a decent piece for your book.

Think really odd or zany places you can lose your speech. Think really, really odd. Good lucK!

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Nice art direction.