Excelsior thatre creatives

Excelsior thatre creatives
Excelsior thatre creatives
Excelsior thatre creatives
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Negatives have been used quite a few times. The one i remember is for an airline and they used the holes to look like the windows.

BUT, i think what you have is great. I really love the first one and the last one. Not too sure about spiderman. Keep going, think of more.

How about replacing one or two of the holes with bullet holes instead for a quentin tarintino movie or maybe one of the holes turning into a ring for Lord of the rings, theres alot of poential

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The idea is solid, but the aesthetics dont quite attract enough attention. Try using real photography or more vibrant colours maybe... aesthetics is a major component of visual communication. In a time-poor / information-rich world, the easier you can get peoples attention to communicate your message, the better.


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Nice job, I think you can find a few more executions that would work better. But definetly book-work.

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drunk dave
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Nice idea, execution is not grabbing. Comments above are all fair, but now do something neither of them mentioned, that's the trick.

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nice idea here...tho the typography needs to be re-worked. wheres the logo??

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Great work. Nice surprising campaign amongst loads of unmentionable crimes usually committed here.

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Pretty cool. Cleverly picked movie can take it further. The traffic one is pretty cool.

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It's better for blockbuster, or some other movie rental place.

I don't think any movie theatres are playing dracula nor traffic nowadays.

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This exact idea has been done. Check out the book Creative Advertising by Mario Pricken.

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how about you quite lounging and get your bitch-ass back to work.

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yes, I knew I saw it somewhere before.

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Guilherme Bill Luz
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Yes, negatives has been done many times, one I remember was for TAM airlines in Brazil, and also other ones that i dont remember. However, i haven't seen a great idea using negatives like this one. I don't like the executions, with this concept you probably can find thousands much better than this one.