Costa Coffee

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There is a half idea here. The problem is the ad doesn't tell me why I should choose Costa over any other coffee house.

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According to me costa coffee is the best coffee of the world. bcoz costa uses the blend is called Mocha Italia. and it has two short of beans. one is robusta another is arabica in a fix ratio. which ratio is really good for health as well as the taste of coffee become really good.

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What you have just said is based on what Costa and you claimed. It is still not showing in the ad.

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There is no real concept. Just an Image. It's just a logo in the coffee. Usually only the biggest most well-known brands of the world (Coke, McDonald's, Apple, Nike, etc.), only they can get away with that.

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Thanks for the comments guys still new to the craft :) thats the whole point of posting here, to learn from seasoned pro's :)

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Costa rocks! :D

so dont slag :D

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I think they are trying to say "Costa Coffee Makes your vision blurry

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Needs a simple copy telling it's unique.

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i dont get it????????????
the advert needs to be catchyy it needs to attract peoples like starbucks does..if teh business lookin to be competitive den u definatlyy need to get ur ad's i would say work on it a pit more..

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mitchell clements
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no idea what so ever!

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i dont understand it what does it mean


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Costa Coffee is somewhere that sells coffe you know!