Advertised brand: PAPA JOHN'S
Advert title(s):CHEESY
Translation of headline to English: EXTRA CHEESY PIZZAS

Agency (Name, City, Country): LOWE DELHI
Agency website: http://
Creative Director: PRITI NAIR


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are you for real? this was a real pizza? cool, and probably a little smelly too. nice stunt.
it reminds me of an old old old ad for, hmm, Little Ceasars i think, where the cheese was so stretchy it stretched out to a flying airplane.

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i don't believe that this really was a real pizza. I don't think that would have been clever either. BUT it's cool ;)

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yes it is real lying in my terrace now after use 20ft wide.made of thermocol, plaster of paris and a lot of fevicol and some pipes.

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I think my question is getting skewed. I was wondering if it was a real dough and cheese pizza... which you have just answered for me.
It's cool!

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Darrin Stephens
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Something is weird about the pizza in the larger photo. The shadows on the ground don't make sense to me. How exactly is it being suspended on either end? Looks like it's just floating on the page. Weird.

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I agree with you Darrin. There is no shadow of the banner, when you can clearly see the shadow of the power lines.

Which also doesn't make that even legal?

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Very nice work, Anupama. I bet this made many people stop and think of a Papa John's Pizaa! By the way, I guess I saw this before somewhere. Wasn't it on the first page of AOTW? Anyway, congrats. Really nice work!
In God I trust

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Looking for the old Little Ceasar's Pizza ad of the early 90's where everyone is dancing at home..including the white curly haired dog.

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Why would you put it on power lines?

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@Davosk - to cook it!
I think it's a good piece and eye catching - but the idea of it being really cheezy to sell more by home delivery in a neighbourhood seems a little lost as a USP to me.