Biodiversity. The Greatest show on earth.

Brand/product advertised: Tree Club - Souza Cruz Institut
Advert title(s): Biodiversity. The Greatest show on earth.
Agency: SLM Ogilvy
Agency location (City, Country): Porto Alegre, Brazil
Agency website address:
Creative Director: Luciano Leonardo
Art director: Rodrigo Allgayer
Copywriter: Luciano Kunzler

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Modal Writer
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very cool, they're playing very straight with the lines you have now, i only wonder, isn't "the greatest show on earth" taken by B&B circus? don't think you can just yank that from them for this, though it's a fresh concept.

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Activity Score 76

Wicked. Straight, witty, good eye for art direction and cracking copy.

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Tight. Why not on the main page though?

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I think these are ok. They have a well executed style, but I can't really see a great strategy or insight that elevates it into something special. Just a matter of opinion I guess.