Airlines ad, Clinic Ad and an ad for Coke

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Hi... i like the coca cola ad... but I think it need's better art direction + the font is not helping the style you are trying to get. :)

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Hey, thnx man. That a definite pointer I would like to put up in the brain science. Any suggestions? I'm still a learner.

And how 'bout the other ones?

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hey anurag

saw your work its good work for a learner stage. are you a writer or a art person.
if you are a art person then this work is not good for your portfolio.
see the work that is going on. you will understand what i mean. and if you are
writer then you still need to work a lot on your writing skills.
the style of your work is very 'that 70s show' type.

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Sorry... but I think nothing is good here. coca cola one ? it won't be approved anyway. Some people prefer Pepsi, and you know why this ad is risky. overall, the idea is not really strong, combine that with a low quality art, I don't think it will work.

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Hey stsanto,
Thnx for the comments.I know you do have your views. And it's good to have some. But as for the Coke ad, I had sent it to McKann-Bom. And they really liked it. Even suggested me to send it to their worldwide office. So, the idea may not be strong, as are those of majority of the ads. But, the perception is different.