Dont criticy art, i just want to know if the idea works.
I accept constructive and destructive comments, but feedback please.

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I think it's extremely funny and easy to get, but I don't think people would find it very appropriate

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Love it. This is one for your book in my opinion. nice art direction too.

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Definetly the idea works.
But this ad was already done -twice-, but with people not numbers.

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that's the diference, thanks

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I don't totally get it? Are you saying you'll get a 69 because you're breath is fresh or is it that you use this afterwards so you breath doesn't stink?

Just having a number then the listerine doesn't really do anything for me, why not just stick toothpaste on there? Or gum? or a breath spray?

Plus, it's just my opinion but i'm sick of sex puns. The only people who can pull it off is lynx (or Axe if your US) but they've built their brand on it so they get away with it.

It'd get laughed out of your book. Plus where's the campaign?

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I think the thing is that they have to be in a 69 position because their breath is to bad. It would work better with a visual (without sex off course, just a couple sleeping in the opposite sides of the bed, but I think that has been done before) The art dirction needs alot of work. I would recommend not putting this in your book (sorry).

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Thanks, I just want to see the reactions, and yes, this is for my book, it's not a real ad.

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nice idea

but mmmm, poor execution specially the color of 69 and the black shadow.