Student needs help... Columbia College or Miami Ad School?

I've been accepted at Columbia College for the Advertising Art Direction program, however, I'm not sure if I wanna sink in the 4 years and money into program that's just going to give me a degree. I recently learned about the Miami Ad School and I'm seriously considering it. My problem is, I don't know if I'd want to do the Art Direction Program or the Fashion Photography program. I've ALWAYS been a huge fan of Photography and excelled with it throughout school. But, in reality, what is the most logical program to get me into the Ad Industry? I want a career in the Industry that's gonna allow me to express myself and be happy. If I'm pulling out all these loans, I wanna get a career. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I know few guys from Miami ad school who easily get jobs after graduating from school. They get chance to intern with some of the better shops in the world. Don't know much about Columbia, if your interest is photography then Miami or advertising may not be the best choice.

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Hi! I`d like to have a similar advice.
I`m finishing my 4 year major in Advertising (ESPM Brazil) and I`m considering VCU Brandcenter and Miami Ad School.
At this moment I'm working as a intern in a brazilian agency as planner but I'm improving my portfolio to get a job as a creative(outside Brazil).
So, anyone can help me with that? I heard a lot about Miiami Ad Schol as ESPM holds it in Brazil but searching I found out VCU Brandcenter.
Which one is better or more specific for a creative?

Ow, forgot to say - I`m looking for the Art Director program.

EDIT - Other possibility is to try direct a work in a agency as I'll be graduated in the most respected Advertising School of Brazil. Would my student portfolio opens any doors?


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Don't waste your time/money. In this business talent is what pays, no one pays attention to college degrees.
I always wanted to go to the MAS, but of course money kept me away from that dream. Do it if you can.

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Columbia College is a great school. It is an arts school; which will allow you to mesh your love for photography and so forth with the business side. In this economy, it's all about sticking out, and having a creative edge to your business belt can be a good thing. If you're gung-ho and very business oriented, I say go to Miami.

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hey.. does any one know exactly how hard or easy it is to get into miami ad school??

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anyone please?

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Miami Ad School. Easy. Is your Dad/Mom in Advertising? Better still.

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thank u :)