Searching for creative ads: mobile services

Hey guys,

many props for this great site,
I've spent nights with it, dreaming of selling
better ads to our clients.

In order to convince the clients to open their
minds a little more for better creation, I'm trying
to find some great ads from mobile services, products,
operators et cetera (Vodafone, Hutchinson, Orange...).

I don't need whole campaigns for the presentation,
some fine examples would be great too.

(I've already found some great ads in this forum.)

Can you may post some pictures or links and support
me in this way?

Many thanks!


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The best ad in the general category I can remember was for Geico, not a mobile company (though it easily could have been). It was the one where the son collect calls his parents and gives his name as Bob Wehadababyitsaboy. Does anybody else remember this ad? Made the point about expensive calls really well.