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Oh my God! I'm lost.

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WHY IVAN, I Love Europe And German Nation, At Same Time I Do Not Like For Europe To Turn Back To Dark Ages. But As You May Notice with me that:

1-Hitler and the Current Pope both Germans;
today Hitler placed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel whom stood by Pope's Declarations.
2-both Hitler and the Pope carrying the same ideas concerning (reforming) europe, while Hitler's Dream was based on race, we see the dream of Benedict's (the ex-Hitlerian Youth) basing on religion.

"I know Dowd is not the first or only person to point out that Joseph Ratzinger belonged to the Hitler Youth organization as a child. But tell me, what's the purpose of repeating that historical tidbit? Yes, it's accurate. But why keep bringing it up if not to imply that the new Pope is a nazi at heart".

So what roots did pope looking for, by calling european nations to return back to the european christianity (Jesus of nazi not Jesus of Nazareth), did he wants them back to the shame of medieval false myths (chastity).

read what he says:"(I remember Pope Benedict XV, that courageous prophet of peace, who guided the Church through turbulent times of "war". In his footsteps I place my ministry in the service of reconciliation and harmony between peoples. Additionally, I recall Saint Benedict of Nursia, co-patron of Europe, whose life "Evokes The Christian Roots Of Europe".

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