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Hey guys

Can you tell me if there are any special rules to create a Portfolio book? Should it be A4, with briefs, credits, extra text...?

I am asking for a copywriter portfolio book.



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First rule in Advertisin: Rules are to be rewritten and lines to be redrawn.
I think you should come up with a unique idea that will represent your personality! try to create something unique that will make your book stand in the crowd but!! do not include only advertising. Good Luck!

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Make something new. If you can't make something very clean.

There is one rule though. Don't put too much stuff. Don't put more than 5 in one category. Just put the best of your work. Any work that is not great will just bring your average down. Don't risk it.

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Read Nancy Vonk/Janet Kesten's "Pick Me", and obviously "Hey Whipple Squeeze This" They will answer more questions than anyone here can type at one time.

yeah, and ditto, Rules are made to be broken... :)

... its already been done...

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Createn Outback
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Does anybody here has the Portfolio book in pdf or something ? Can you show it please ?

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Createn, just one example 4u:

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This is a great portfolio I found linked from the Rethink agency's website. This was done by someone just starting out; they hired him right away.

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Createn Outback
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monni: great ads in this portfolio. But there are only print ads...

I need some opinions on my portfolio... I have only couple of great print ads, but I have also some good TV ads.
Should I put a storyboard(as part of the campaign)in my portfolio? Or is it weird to have a storyboard in your
portfolio ?
Would you put only the "festival" work in the porfolio or would you put also some work which means something
to you but for some reason they are not good enough for festival?

Thank you for your honest opinions ;)

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I've been told not to put tv or radio in a spec portfolio unless you can produce it. if you can produce it, do it, it will seperate you from the pack. otherwise, its rare that a CD will actually take the time to interpret a script or storyboard.