Hey Guys,
I need your help with thinking. I now have to think about a visual or keyvisual for longlife car-light for the 12th week.
Does anyone of you out there have an idea? My Creative Director is anoyed, so am I. But the client wants more ideas.
Help me out!!!

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Now, that's a fun task. Let me start off the brainstorming...

Long life reminds me of turtles, trees, phosils, antique shop, museum... Or you could show how many normal lamps would equal to the long life one... Show what happens if you don't have the long life lamp. Just a plain black page with a tagline? Hope this kick starts the thought process.

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Activity Score 13

Well, I thought of Mummies or other things that are preserved. I thought of showing the bulb preserved in a glas-can. And I had the junk-yard full of cars, where only one car is still glowing. I also thought longlife could also mean tough, so I thought the car is wrapped into savety-plastic, except for the lights. I also thought to show a mechanic changing a car-bulb and this picture is a pinprick. But client and Creative Directors made all those ideas die.
What else can you think of?

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Hmmm.. how about one of the lights being offered to a baby (just after birth) and then the same light being seen throughout that baby's life until he gets old (reallyold) and passes it on to his son or daughter... from generation to generation. long life. make life long. long bright life. brightly lit life! Hope this helped and good luck to you!

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show a road-side garrage, its night and car head-light (the complete headlight structure)
is being used as lamp. It should show like the complete car is a ruin, except the light which is still lighting.

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Activity Score 13

Hey guys, today I thought about a falling star that glows longer all across the ad. But my CDs didn't like it. You know whith what they came up? They wanted a car a daytime, which is mirrored on the street at nighttime and the headline says:
"Daylight and Nightlight and Daylight and Nightlight and Daylight and Nightlight." CRAZY! There is completely no idea in it...
Well, I as well thought of a sand-clock with more chambers or a front window full of light-check-stickers from different years. Anyone still got an Idea? I am about to cry over that f*** project. But its nice brainstorming here!

Hey Ivan, thanks for your Ideas, this kicked some other ideas in me.
Hey, Sonia, sorry I didn't get to work that in one print-size.
Hey Mahmood, I thought about that, too, but the junk-yard is easier to understand.