Getting an interview

I've spent the last six months putting together a book and now I'm having trouble getting anyone to look at it.

I've called numerous agencies and asked for an informational interview. So far, no luck.

I have little experience and I’m just looking to get my foot in the door somewhere. Does anyone have any advice on getting an interview/first job?

(excuse the awful plug)

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its a tough trying to get a junior book seen. amen to that. but try reading the ask jancy part of ihaveanidea. there are a lot of helpful suggestions there ..

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We use email a lot.
If you call just asking who you should direct your email to, send them a personal email, with there name at the top, and add a small PDF sample of your book, if they like it they'll see you.
Another good idea is to find out how the company sets out their email addresses, usually is or summit. Then find work by creatives that you admire and email them direct, telling them how much you love their work and it would be great if they could look at yours.
Don't ask for a job or a placement, always ask for a Book Crit.