concepts that you'd give Tarsem to shoot

yup as good as it sounds! iam a film grad shooting my commercial reel and need collaboration on concepts to shoot spec spots for my commercials reel

1) YOU will get copywriter credits, a copy of the film and hopefully an award (film student category at cannes, clio , one show , newyork fest etc etc)

2) YOU get a tv commercial on ur portfolio whc has not been butchered by clients etc etc, full creative reins here (the more edgier the better ;) )

3)its gonna be shot on 35mm ( yea not that crappy DV shit)

4) iam not in2 stealing ideas as that wont help me, i'll spend the money , production costs etc and all i'll take is the director credits coz thats all thats imp to me and my career, thats all i need, YOU get your copywriter credits , i wont touch it with a 10 foot barge pole

5) ive worked with a large agency as a creative b4 but rather spend my time coming up with execution ideas as against the main idea, my objective input would makes the product look "tighter"

6) think tarsem, beautiful visuals , edgy ideas no dialogues, thats wat i deliver

depending on the response (or lack of) i'll post further info about how to take it on further

thanks all