All Bran

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Mcdonalds Ad Copy: "Now in Coronado Beach"

Im looking for the right copy for the All Bran Ad...any suggestions?

All Bran
All Bran
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The McD ad is great! The All Bran ad isn't clear. What are you trying to say?

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well this cereal helps people who cant go to the bathroom very when this kind of people
its able to make their normal fisiological needs they feel like levitating cuz they evacuate the "poo"..
sorry for my english haha...

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Great ad for Mcdonald's! Congrats, Sersho!
In God I trust

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the mcd ad is okay.
the all-bran suggest it undoes gravity.

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I love the McDonald's ad! I've seen the concept used with a backpack though.

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in mcdonald ad, message is not clear for me.can anyone help?

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It seems you just saw some pics on Google and found a brand to suite them. This feels forced.
If you want to make good ads, don't take easy and overdone brands like McDonald's, axe, Wonderbra, anti-smoking etc. etc. or nobody will want to see your portfolio. Take something challenging and make it interesting.