Red Bull Battery

Just fire...

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Jason, I'm sorry but this simply shows that you haven't seen enough adbooks or sites. I'm sure you study advertising, then study ads. As for the ad, I like that you don't show the logo apart from the art. You know what you're doing, that's why I don't exactly understand why you made this.

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i like this ad very much although the idea has been done before but it prooves that you reached the first level of th creative jump now all you have to do is continue digging with the idea until you find the right twist that hasnt been done before (if it exists)

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Thanx tricky can u please tell me who did it. I Wanna view the ad


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Jason, I actually think that you have a nice vein of thought here. Yeah, the ideas been done before, its old hat, yadda yadda...
If you are a junior, you have a big leg up from other junior work that I've seen, not to mention pretty good photoshop skills to pull it off. Just keep with it, your definitely on the right path.

Look at every (good) ad that you can get your hands on, file it away, and do something you haven't seen.

... its already been done...

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klaussnow thanx for yr comment, it realy help to push further & further. Can u plz give me the link for tha ad...


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j. this concept would be good for viagra as well - keeps the bunny going, going, going....

Arnold Santillan

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Jason...Actually you did a nice try to show energetic view of red bull.
To describe red bull as batteries seems quite impressive.

But, is there any ways to show more energetic meaning in this Ad?
Red bull with great power... With that this is perfect. Thanx

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mariii caca!!! zet to lekor par la ta lespes fam cité tété lastik. To appel sa enn l'idée??!! mo appel sa fann caca!! Apart sa mo kan mem kontan twa :-D

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for those who evetually understand what i wrote previously, this is just a joke between jason and i who actually work together...and i'm dating his sister!

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Sounds like remixed french.

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THE AD-missionary

my heart was crushed when i saw this ad.I just did something like that using an energy drink for car batteries but packed in this format.

Jason you did a good job i really like your thought here.

Keep it up.

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Hey, someone can tell me if this piece was created in some country, or it was a university work?

Thanks in advance!