Lego Campaign

This is the very first ad campaign I have done. I am a Journalism/Advertising student at the University of Oregon.

This spec campaign for Lego was actually for an internship that I just applied for.
Here is the brief:

Role of the Brand: To foster creativity in everyday life.

Target Audience: Children and adults with overactive imaginations

Trend/Fact: Lego was coined from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well." Lego has an
extensive subculture that supports Lego movies, games, video games, competitions, and four Lego
themed amusement parks.

Challenge: In a world dominated by screens (computers, TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) remind
people that Lego is the ultimate tool to help you express your creative and let your imagination run

Core Idea: Anything is possible in the world of Lego.


Like I mentioned above, I am a Copy Writer so please judge according to concept, copy, etc.
As you can see I am no artist and have had no experience with Adobe InDesign before this.

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Hi Nick Sugai..

first of all nice concept for the campaign...i have few more ...dunno whether they hav been tried earlier or not ...giv them a thought n let me know if it works...

....this all are kinda a literal depiction of Lego's caption : "create your own rules"....

1. create the word "RULES" using Lego blocks and then color them off randomly, as in to create something different from existing or given colours
of Lego blocks..[ you also depict it as quite big letters r,u,L,E n S blocks being spray painted by kids/teens etc looking like
rebels/revoltionaries ]

2. on lil funny note... you can depict childhood of famous persons creating something with for which they were best known for. viz. baby bill gates
creating windows or steve jobs making ipad/ipod/iphone, pablo picasso with cube art forms, arnold making very big dumbbells and exercising
with them...

3. a child creating a Y shaped goalpost or a basketball style basket for a game of soccer/football....signifying change of prevalent rules....

4. a kid driving a car made out of legos block and fancying a smoke and may be a gun/babe.... [something ispired / hitched from " Godfather "
may be... ;-P ]...changing the usual....

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You should give comment/suggestions/criticism on the ideas that people have come up with.

It doesn't really help at all to just reel off entirely new concepts (off the top of your head) to someone who has spent hours creating and fine tuning their own.

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Nick, very nice work.. especially for your first campaign.

I'm going to have to disagree with the above commenter...stick with your own concept, it's far better than any he suggested.

The copy is good, and you've campaigned one idea across 3 different yet connected executions, which is exponentially more difficult than creating a single ad (like most people do on here).

My only suggestion is an art one, so maybe team up with an art director for this. I think the visuals should be shown in real life manipulated photography. So for example the boat would be a photo of a boat with real wings on it. They would be more visually striking and would grab more attention, and would also nod to the idea of a child's imagination.

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Damn, commented a really long post on this work. Lost!

To resume: outstanding work for first work, nice job! People will compare it with the Cannes Grand Prix winning campaign and you can't beat that one: but this is still good!

Maybe this kind of execution could be really interesting:

Good luck!