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I want to pitch an ad to the Ad Council for the American Lung Association. It took me a while to finally get a finished product but I'm pretty happy with what I have got. The main concept is to show the ugliness of the macro cigarette and with the type I wanted a fun type on the left to get you interested, then I through in one that looked almost like it was an ashy cigarette.

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Wow this is bad on many levels.

First, it should read "cigarettes ARE bad ass".

Second, Comic Sans maybe the biggest no no when it comes to graphic design and advertising. It's not a fun font. Or it is for people discovering Word for the first time in '95. Don't use Tempus neither... It's not as worse as comic sans, but still, it's a deeply amateurish font. I know you wanted the font to look like it's made of ash, but do it yourself then...

Finally, there is no concept here. I don't see any "ugliness" here. Actually, I see a lot of it, but not the one you're aiming for. This is just a cigarette butt. People have been doing anti cigarettes ads for years. You got to come up with a real idea. This would have worked in the 50's in USSR...

Keep working on it.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Agree with above. And you know "bad ass" is considered a good thing, right?

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What is HAGS?