Ad for Tobasco Sauce

Just 1 or 3 campaign ideas advertising Tabasco sauce on a Billboard.

Ad for Tobasco  Sauce
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If you're working on your portfolio, I would strongly caution you not to include any ads for hot sauce. It is a cliche product, the jokes and references have all been done before and it makes one look like an amateur. Other cliche products are condoms, sex shops, Power Bar, doggie daycare, and any sort of public service ad. Of course, if you can do an amazing campaign for Tabasco Sauce, then by all means go for it. This, however, is not strong enough. As a matter of fact, I saw a campaign on this forum that uses the exact same line you have here:

Find seemingly boring products like detergent, hard candy, a bank, or construction equipment and do great campaigns for those. Or pick a local business in your area, like a restaurant or bar with a unique selling proposition, and do a campaign for that. This will give your book a personal touch that will keep creative directors interested.

Sorry for the long post, but I felt like this was a good opportunity to address something that a lot of people working on their portfolios may not know.

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Re: AmOgodzzz

listen i'm the guy who made the tabasco campaign ( i made a new one you should look at it! ) .. i want you let you know that this is a class project, and me and "KevonGoberdhan" are in the same class, so you get the idea ( yes, its for class that means that we have to do it! )
Even if the jokes and references have all been done before, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't work on these type of products ( like you say cliche ). in my opinion, if you use a well known product and you can advertise it from a different prospective, from a different side that nobody never thought about it, you've got a great portfolio piece. i think that "KevonGoberdhan" has a very funny way to advertise Tabasco. it's a great idea! its original! he has a beautiful line! so, whats your problem ?!?!
i personally like it! .. and i will like it much more if he can create a campaign out it... its a great portfolio piece,man! ( for "KevonGoberdhan" )
One more thing.. we are all creative people here.. we are very similar too each other.. so why you have to turn people down! we post our work here on this website because we need feedback we need comments.. too improve! .. so, we should help each other and not the opposite.. I'm i wrong?!?

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I wasn't trying to bring anyone down or make anyone feel bad. I'm just conveying advice that I've received when showing my book. My intentions were to try and help another person who wants to build a portfolio that will be in the running for great jobs. Personally, I'd rather get honest, sometimes harsh, feedback on a forum before taking my book to a creative director. On the job, you will be subject to criticism that you may not always like on a daily basis, whether from your creative director, the client or the account execs. Best to develop a thick skin early on. Anyway, my apologies if anyone was hurt by what I said above. Have a look at this blog post. It's from a well-established creative who gives advice to aspiring copywriters and art directors:

You should definitely download the questionnaire and use it to judge your portfolio honestly. I refer to it quite often.

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If all you want to hear is that your work is great, show it to your mom. If you can't handle criticism, find a new career because you'll never get better.

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I'm going to say it shortly: Most people who have been around in advertising have seen a huge load of Tabasco ads, so only when there is an outstanding one, it's interesting.

Now, to your ad. Is I said, I've seen a lot of Tabasco ads and consciously or unconsciously, I rate this one on the ones I've seen as well, I compare them. This doesn't do very well I'm afraid. It seems to easy for Tabasco ads "make it look like it's really hot and you got a winner!", but this one (among many other Tabasco ads) doesn't have any new idea to it that we haven't seen, or anything interesting. And being interesting is one of the key goals for a good ad.

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this ones is definitely the best tabasco ad ever;)