Galaxy Chocolate

Thats one my graduate folio am looking forward to read your constructive criticism.

Client: Galaxy.

Product: Chocolate.

Competitors: Cadbury, Kraft.

Ad Objective: public awareness as the product new to the Malaysian market.

Target Audience: Chocolate Lovers.

Proposition: the smoothing and creamiest chocolate taste in the planet.

Supporting: the taste of the galaxy chocolate is better that its competitors in the Malaysian ______________market.

Tone of Voice: Luxury, Enjoyable.

Media: Print, Direct mail, Radio.

Strategy: Presenting the luxury and the enjoyable moment you would of experience once you taste _________the Galaxy chocolate.

Galaxy Chocolate
Galaxy Chocolate
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Activity Score 14

The visuals lack appetite appeal.

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Activity Score 31

I agree with you sir since i had to use Stockphoto then shooting the chocolate my self i think i better do shoot it since my lector said the copy is not that bad, I really appreciate you comment thank you.