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Take a trip of the most colourful countries across the Asia. Enjoy deep sea diving while chasing blue and black marlin in Mauritius. Take an elephant ride in the lush green jungles of India. Walk down the oldest boat market in Thailand and take a plunge in the aquatic world of Singapore. The globetrotters are invited to have a never-before opportunity to explore the unexplored...

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Afraid you need to work on your copy. Poor english - wouldn't cater to the professional market you are aiming at. Don't see the depth and relation to each country you have skimmed across. I never knew that singapore was famous for being 'an aquatic world'. Would revisit you effort here.
Design nothing to write home about - very generic & typical. Be creative with your visuals - find interesting shots of these places, with interesting angles maybe? Would I be correct in assuming that you aren't a native english speaker? This is very important in professional advertising.

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Thanks for your feedback...Can you please forward me some good examples on tours & travels ads? I would like to see those stuff

Jayesh Purohit

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agree with momaidesign.

ummmm, i stay in singapore. Singapore is more of a shopper's paradise than an aquatic world. Shopping is often referred to as the 'National sport of Singapore'. Use that to your advantage.....

then again, you describe singapore in the body copy and never give the package cost for it.

visuals are too plain. looks like a very primitive tourism ad.