Need help with some creative ideas

I am having a lot of trouble thinking of a witty and creative way to advertise a psychic. If anyone has any great ideas and can help me out I'd be most appreciative.

I need to avoid any serious and figurative elements to it. Just needs to be witty and creative. It's for an assignment.

Live audience show of a psychic connecting people with their dead loved ones

Magazine campaign

Adults who believe in the afterlife

Your dead loved ones want to speak to you.

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You could use the image of a dead guy...his picture should be ghost like...and he's trying to use a public phone...that relates to the idea of "your dead loved ones want to speak to you..
I don't know, just an idea..

I need help for an assignment too!
I need to use the style of the Benetton old ads...they used to show ugly stuff, like someone dying from aids, or people suffering in Africa, stuff like that.
There's a particular one that shows Venice in an ugly way: instead of showing the beautiful streets of Venice they show a dead rat under the water. I need to use the same idea, but talking about my city, and I have to use the slogan "United colors of Benetton"...
I don't really get the concept behind that kind of advertising.
Can anyone help me explain it?

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Or you could think of an idea by yourself.
I don't know if you're a student or if you work in the business, but if you came here so we would solve a brief for you, your situation is not well.

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magic 8 ball theme= "you already believe so why not use a pro for the best reading possible"

magic 8 ball scrolling web ads

Direct mail, print and outdoor signage with the theme

Magic 8 balls can be made with
custom messages

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Hey thanks a lot everyone for your input. Really appreciate it

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Thanks a lot everyone for your input. Really appreciate it.

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Just how saucy should it be?choose the one that you would want to develop

Have a few ideas:
1) You could have the dead guy coming in the dreams of a married man who is having trouble in his married life & telling him something about his wife & how to please her.I leave it up to you to take it in whatever way you want to .
2) A psychic calling a house & asking them to go dig up the grave of a recently dead member of their family as the guy is not was a wrong call! Just before he got back into his body he made a desperate plea to this psychic!
3) A dead playmate missing his friends & when the kids are playing in the field taking the ball from them & the ball being dodged & put into the goal Post on its own!

Freaky??? well ...these are ideas...use them or bin them