Which of these schools is the best?

Academy of Art University vs. International Academy of Design and Technology vs. Miami Ad vs. San Francisco Art Institute vs. Art Institute of California

I'm currently attending at AAU. I like the school enough that i consider staying and graduating from there, but, i also have read bad reviews (being into real estate, taking longer than 4yrs to graduate, money hungry etc). The reason i chose this school is because it is accredited by WASC, lower tuition compared to other schools and of course having a good name (i think) in the industry. Also because i have no skills or a portfolio that other schools require for admission.

But because i am not completely satisfied with the school, what other schools in the area (northern cali) should i consider? The fact that AAU is accredited is a big plus for me, is there another art school in the area that is accredited by WASC? In other words, which of the schools mentioned would be a better choice (accredited or not)?


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When you graduate and begin looking for jobs, it won't matter one bit what school you attended. The quality of your portfolio will be the only thing CD's and recruiters care about. And whether you're a good fit for the agency. Remember, unlike most other industries, this one is not obsessed with degrees and credentials and what school you attended.

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Well said AmOgodzzz!

@HellasLover dont forget to add Cal Arts.. goodluck

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amogodzzz i heard that before (i also heard that you don't even need a degree) BUT isn't it a good idea to graduate with a degree, in let's say fine arts, in case i can't find a job (or maybe i'm not good enough) in advertising and so something relevant to the field? And the reason i am more interested in an accredited degree is because i don't want to go to school for nothing and have employees look down on my degree or not even consider it...

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