Two same-approached ads in your portfolio

Is it strategically right to display (among others) in your portfolio two ads that have a same approach, e.g using icons and symbols?

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Your question is not very clear.
If I presume you mean two ads for two diff. products that have a similar execution ...
What do you think?
The whole point of advertising is to stand out and to be different (yet relevant)
So, no. It's not such a good idea to have two ads in a similar 'area'.
The concepts must be different, so find a new execution for one ... if that fails, find a new concept. If that fails, pick the best one (of the two) and only show that.
You want each piece in your book to jump out and feel unique visually and conceptually.
Not only within the context of your book, but also within the wider context of advertising.
Icons, symbols ... mmm. Feels like a very over-traded area ... make sure your ideas are fresh.

Good luck!