Save the Tiger

This ad got short-listed for young Cannes 2008.

Copywriter: Victor Daruwala, Joy Chakrovorty

Art Director: Anand Vyas

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nice idea.

provocative copy.

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ignorant.........u do need skills even when u copy an artwork...esp if u r planning to send in for any awards......sheesh....

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capton john
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Think, Act, Invent.

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No one uses those guns anymore, and why is the tiger illustration and the gun a photo?

C'mon Anand!

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pretty cool

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very very good.

love anything creative

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This ad got short-listed for young Cannes 2008.
So better be nice while commenting. Haha.

That said, the idea is nice. Execution is bad. In fact very bad. IT'S YOUR TURN, and four dots in the end sucks. I repeat, the idea is nice.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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Hi, so your agency short listed this for entry in Young Cannes and not the other way round.

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Nice line. Don't like the art.

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ggod job done

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hello! we have a winner.

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srividya sankaran
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nice idea
good copy

bad execution

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xcellent idea

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Great idea. Get rid of the 4 dots (all of 'em) and it'll be slightly stronger

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Would have preferred it hand drawn, as if you're really playing...
Solid idea, and I like the open ended line...

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hey guys
we need yuour help.
jwt Singapore has copied our idea and used it for their campaign. they have even copied the copy, literally.
help us fight this injustice.

heres the link

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Hey u idiot victor, You also copied from the ads of the world. Here's the link So don't create a fuss about it. How you know they copied your idea. You know who your blaming, Just see their previous work, even if you are given a 100 years then also you can't create such work.
So what goes around comes around. Now keep your mouth shut. Keep quite.

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You can always start a petition on Facebook or something. I will sign it. Harness the power of social media my friend. Do be aware the Euro Shanghai idea came before yours, so you don't really have much of a case actually.

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This is the first I'm seeing this ad n the idea there is way different than the ones were talking about. And if your so right that this ad hasn't been copied then why do u comment as a guest,you pussy. In simple words ill show you how they copied the idea. You blind fcuk did u even read the copy. Its the same, the whole layout of the ad is same. the only thing different is that they made it a campaign by adding a few more animals.

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They copy your ad just like you have copied the campaign posted by the guest.
However, i prefer jwt approach, without guns and with other obkect correlated to the animals.

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why dont you use different animals faces and different shooting guns? just a thought...

| everartz |

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nice ad..a deep thought..
you know Wildlife Crime Database shows 95 tigers are known to have been killed in 1994, 89 tigers were killed in 1997, 36 tigers were killed in 1998, 72 tigers were killed in 2001 and 35 tigers were killed in 2003.
i think you should send your entry to social print advertising award organized in India.
11th International Concerned Communicator Award which is open for entries.
The winner gets to win a cash of US $ 11,000. there is no entry fee for this.
Guess u wud like to try ur chance. all u need to do is fill in the entry form, attach ur ad and send it to
u can visit for more details.

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ES TOTALMENTE LO MISMO QUE LA CAMPAÑA DE WWF :s .. flaco sos el peor, dejate de joder y labura enserio! It´s FAKE!

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did u come to Ogilvy Mumbai for an interview?

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Done and won!! exactly the same idea with almost same execution has won cannes this year.