This is new work for The Animal Care Society, a nonprofit that saves dogs and cats from euthanasia. Rather than using disturbing imagery, we chose to tell the uplifting true story of Betsy, a dog that was actually saved by The Animal Care Society. It's our hope her heartwarming example will help raise much needed funds to help The ACS save countless more animals


Client:  Animal Care Society
Creative Director/Writer: Kevin Miles
Creative Director/Art Director: Carl Koestner
Photographer: Dan Goldberg (tabletop) Photographer: Alexandria Koestner (dog)
Creative Retouching: Giannini Creative

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This is new work created for the Animal Care Society to help raise funds to save dogs and cats.

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looks good. id change the application of the BEFORE to have more to do with the story of the dog in the 2 pictures, and not to the fates of X # of dogs.

like: "BEFORE, Betsy and thousands of dogs like her, were fated to be put to death without a moment's thought... blah blah blah

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Proofread. A lot of sentence fragments, random comma placement, etc. The thing that's bothering me the most is the "Unfortunately, her story isn't unique." I think it SHOULD be fortunate that there are other pets getting rescued. Try something like "Unfortunately, success stories like hers aren't the norm." Then go on to explain that funding is the only thing helping pets get rescued. Also "countless more future ACS residents" could probably be changed to "countless future ACS residents" or "countless future rescues like Betsy can live happily ever after." Because that last sentence is a bit of a mess anyway.

Also, change the third to last paragraph from "when an ACS volunteer who relocates dogs from Eastern Kentucky to our shelter, saw past her physical appearance..." to "when an ACS volunteer saw past her horrific physical appearance and relocated her to our shelter, rescuing her from an uncertain future."

Remove the "because" in paragraph three.

There's a bunch of other stuff. Get a third party to take a look and see if it flows well.

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I know you're telling a story in the copy, but it's too small and too long for people to read.

Before and after could be a good route.