Teen alcohol education poster

Recent research had revealed a link between teen alcohol use and lowered brain capacity. Utilizing a simple, but chilling graphic of a brain on a meat slicer, we were able to demonstrate the dangers in a compelling, yet cost-effective way. To provide additional information for teens and parents, the website was created, along with web banners, billboards and posters to hang in the county’s high schools. At >

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That is a very vivid and clear image. Though design-wise, I would explore edgier crops or variations of the photo.

And the type definitely needs a little more attention.

But if you're trying to make alcohol repelling and hideous, I think you're on the right track.

Should the walls be that clean?

Extra pickiness ... There's so much green in the room that it's turning the brain a little green too. I'd color correct the brain so it seemed more vibrant and alive ... the more the shame that it was sliced to bits over a good time.

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Hi. If you haven't read already, PSA's are generally frowned upon as this post explains nicely -

Besides being a PSA - a meat slicer has nothing to do with alcohol. If you're trying to do the "this is your brain - this is your brain on drugs" thing it's not working, and it's not original.