Shampoo Idea

Just an idea... if you use my shampoo your hairs will be silky and smooth.

Shampoo Idea
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Not a terrible idea. Probably better if you use a celebrity like Bob Marley. Would have to be some tangle-free formula of a particular brand. Also, there's probably a better way to say tangle-free than just doing it with hair. It leaves a lot of room for visual metaphors. Don't be afraid of copy either.

Last thing I'll say is that you SHOULD pick a particular brand to work with. It gives you a chance to actually do product research instead of just executing. Everything you create should be based entirely in strategy for your specific brand. The idea is to create a voice for your brand that they can OWN. Simply creating a generic shampoo ad is not how to do this; you could put any logo on it, which means it's not a unique enough brand strategy.

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Thanks very much for your great reply and valuable suggestions, which really matters for someone like me. Thanks again.

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i dont see a concept, just a quick visual resolution

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I need that shampoo.

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While the concept has possibilities, I wonder about how your audience would react to the image. You're most likely selling this product to women. Can they relate to a scraggly, hirsute man?

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I agree with citizenzen. Not sure if I would proceed with this particular idea.

S Maye

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What am I missing here? Is this a print ad or what? What's the idea? An indian man with straightened hair?