Do portfolio schools really help you out or is another degree better?

Hey, I have been thinking about portfolio schools like Miami Ad School and VCU Brand Center and was wondering are they really worth it?

I mean in terms of placements and getting that first job after graduating from the program.

I know a lot depends on an individual student, but what is the scenario like as a whole?


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I've seen a lot of VCU kids get jobs after graduating.

I go to MAS. 5th Quarter i'll be at an agency. Tons of creative directors and recruiters come to speak at our school.

All the creative recruiters seem to fish from our ponds.

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I had a similar question. After showing my book at the PN I got generally positive feedback but everyone kept telling I should go to school to learn the basics. I know schools can be great for connecting with other people (my problem - no Photoshop friend), mingling and perhaps getting your foot in the door. I just think (after looking in to this) most school are crap and in on the AD industry fever trying to cash in on poor souls and you have to be very picky where you enter.

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