This was and Ad for Health Ministry in Peru (ficition)

Each December 1st marks the World Day to Combat AIDS.

Most cases of infection at present is through sex, which was where I carried out this ad.
To analyze it we realize that this calendar belongs to a man, and where he noted all appointments he has during the month (we see the woman's names on each day)

There are none so blind as those who will not see, if you do not protect yourself properly, you'll be "typing" your own death without realizing it.

"Only one responsible sexual behavior will prevent becoming infected. Protect"

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Here's a better translation : "Only a responsible sexual behavior will prevent the contagion. Protect yourself."

The idea is too forced. No one really write names like that on a calendar.

Anti AIDS ads are a bit like anti smoking ads. They're thought as a good idea trap, but it rarely works.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Yeah I'd avoid this because the emotion is already built in. I actually found these a little funny because of how absurdly packed that guy's calendar is with people he's planning to...ermm...fornicate with. I also like how he left Christmas free for his family. Smart man.

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Your'r talkin about the copy when you say it's already built?
Yeah well.. it can work without it
The idea was that, a mean nobody does that know, but it was only to explain the general idea.

Thanks for comment!

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The EMOTION is already built in. It's easy to get the kind of reaction you want out of your audience because they already have an emotional feeling associated with the product. You didn't think about strategy or brand positioning, you just started conceptualizing. Most of the products you're going to work on in the real world have no emotion built in, like toothpaste, gum, toilet paper, and cars. It's your job to imbue them with emotion based in strategy and relating specifically to your brand. AIDS is too easy of a topic. Do something harder.

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