Pepsi Mini

the new pepsi mini.

Pepsi Mini
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I don't get it, are you trying to show that it's a small can compared to a real straw?

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Because it's a short can, you don't need to use the long end of the straw. He's suggesting you flip the straw around and insert the short bendable end of the straw into the can. This is really subtle. I'm surprised I got it. I like the clean layout but it might read faster if you show someone using the straw. You don't need to show the entire face. Barely get the mouth on the page. It will then be obvious that the straw is backwards. But let's see if most people get it before you consider making changes.

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I get it now, it didn't register that the short end was to go into the can. It is subtle and a clean layout, now I like it but what is yeni?

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shut up Davosk

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Sorry I didn't get it, maybe lipstick around the long end would help

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Very nice, kloomsch. But as Stigset said, try lipstick around the long end!

Congrats. It's a good idea. It works. And what's "yeni" again?
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"yeni" means new in Turkish. I like the idea, it's simple and clever.

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I think it's perfect. No lipstick needed. Makes you think. Great idea man.

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I agree, whatever you do, do not put lipstick on it. People will get it.

It's cool.

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I LOVE IT!!!! excellent execution and nice resource.


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i get it without lipstick, but u can try, nice idea congrats!

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Yes - i'm with these who prefer no lipstick. Very nice.

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This is a very late comment but I love this one. :P

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very good :)

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Very nice. Can someone tell me how to get such clean gradients?

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You mean the background gradient of this ad? I think he used Illustrator's mesh tool. But I could be wrong. It has the same effect though.

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that's. Fucking. Awesome.

Insight everywhere. I could never wrap my head around paying full price for half as much product. Kudos on getting around that :)


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Execution is not proper,it is tough to get the idea,

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very nice

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didn't get it... but once I did, I liked it.

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it made me laugh
it's nice and simple
I think with low-involvement products like pepsi you can afford to be this flippant, and have a bit of fun

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lol, nice idea.

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Like this , smart and fun:)

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Really nice idea here, nice job

Good is the enemy of great.

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briliant, nice. very good. clap


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really cool ad.
but it took some time to register the idea.

innovative promotional giveaways -

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very clever idea but a so-so execution. An ad that makes you think that hard is a bad ad (execution). At first glance it seemed like the can was so small that it's invisible, which is too "mini" in a bad way.. What i would do i place the mini can on top of the top part of a regular soda where only the top half part of the regular can is showing. If you have to use the straw, and since it's a good idea you should, just put the short end of the straw inside the mini can so we get the idea.

and no lip sticks please, enough "sex sells" ads

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cute n gud
i appreciate it!!!

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brilliant piece of work, believe me just leave it as it face, no lipsticks...plz.......its so cute....

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good work... ;)

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