Calling all creatives to help save the bees killed by mobiles

Apparently bees are killed by cell phones. This is a huge problem of course. According to some reports we lost up to 50% of the bee population already. Without bees much of agriculture would stop and we would literally starve.

Article here.
Download study here.

I was thinking we could together create a campaign to promote less or no cell phone usage. It's not a competition. It's a joint effort. We would strategize, conceptualize and execute together. We would split the job into small pieces so it doesn't take much time for any of us to do it. The campaign would be signed off as the "Ads of the World Community".

I was thinking to do 3 things:
1. A press campaign of at least 3 executions.
2. A YouTube video.
3. A Facebook page.

As a first step we have to make sure this report is factually correct and there is indeed a correlation between mobiles and bees dyeing. Any help on this assessment would be great.

Let me know who wants to save the bees and who is in? Also, what kind of job are you willing to do? Thanks!

Calling all creatives to help save the bees killed by mobiles
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i would like to help out and save the bees! i'm willing to offer my graphic design services, whatever you need. (logo, flyers, photos, photoshopping, etc...)

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I watched few discovery programs on this and few news programs. As the article you have posted above, the author opens up with "May have" instead of "Have" If this is in fact the truth, then bees will lose. Just consider the money involved behind ALL wireless devices, and the wide spread of wireless technology.

Are you going turn off your phone?

I am a newbie so all I can do is throw some newbie print ideas.

1. Bees impaled on cell phone antenna, like a trophy form a hunt.
2. Flip phone in shape of a jaw biting on a bee or crushing a bee (buttons can look like teeth).
3. Bee in a strait jacket, and two cell phones in doctor jacket "Don't worry we put you out of your misery"
4. Every time it rings you kill a bee

because therefore it is

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ivan i have a print ad idea for this campaign. where i can submit it?

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Please don't do this. Cell phones don't kill bees.

Even the original, alarmist Daily Mail article ( points out that it's highly unlikely that cell phones cause Colony Collapse Disorder. Tucked away at the end:

"The study did not show that mobile phones were deadly for bees, [the author] said...

"British bee expert Norman Carreck of Sussex University said: 'It's an interesting study but it doesn't prove that mobile phones are responsible for colony collapse disorder. If you physically knock a hive, or open one up to examine it, it has the same result.

"'And in America many cases of colony collapse disorder have taken place in remote areas far from any mobile phone signals.'"

The most plausible reason so far is a double infection of mold and virus. A study by the University of Montana and Montana State University in Bozeman, working with the US Army’s Edgewood Chemical Biological Center worked this out.

See the New York Times article:
and the original paper:

Their work was a lot smarter, using genetic sequencing and laser tracking of bees after a collapse. The guy in Switzerland stuck a microphone in a hive and then shoved a cell phone under the hive. When the phone rang, the bees were disturbed. Not much of a finding there, I think.

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Yes, I talked to some scientists too. This is indeed alarmist news. Perhaps we should concentrate our efforts towards other more important causes. Any ideas?

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because therefore it is