How Can you prove to someone that advertising works?

I'm sure statistically speaking a product that has been advertised has more sales. But, what type of examples could you give to someone that knows nothing about advertising to prove that good advertising has a positive impact/improved image on a certain product or company?

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Ipod campaign
Volkswagon Beetle Campaign
Pedigree Dogs Rule Campaign

to be honest if your trying to prove to someone ( parents, spouse, life coach, yoga instructor, gynecolo....anyway) to love advertising like you do, watch a movie with them called Art& will get you right in the "booboo", and make you believe advertising can save the world....

which it can :)

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to be honest I don't think there is a way to get them interested in Advertising if they don't believe in it. I've thought about talking to them about great ads and campaigns but they either aren't familiar with it or refuse/are unaware that they make certain choices based on brand image and its advertising. I have tried explaining to a friend that Apple as a company is successful thanks to advertising for the most part and they say "no, apple is successful because of their unique, easy to use and modern products", which is also true but they don't get that advertising magnifies the benefits and gets the product in peoples minds. It's like asking someone what is the safest car brand out there and they will answer Volvo without really backing up their answer with facts. They don't know how and if Volvos are build differently, they 're not mechanics, they haven't crash tested a volvo butt they KNOW Volvo is safe, yet they don't admit they know because of the advertising. It just irritates me that they 're so stubborn.
I will try the movie though, thanks

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watch MADMEN...

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Simple. Just look at obesity and debt here in North America. Advertising works.