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Rajesh Rai

United Kingdom

Rajesh Rai is a barrister called to the Bar in 1993. He is a member of Lincolns Inn and practices as a tenant at the Chambers of Lord Gifford Q.C. ( His specialist areas include national and International human rights and tax law. He has also been director of the Joint Council for Welfare of Immigrants ( and the Kurdish Human Rights Project ( Rajesh founded and acted as a director of Global Legal Technologies Ltd (“GLT”) which pioneered Legal Process Outsourcing. He exited GLT in 2006.

As a social entrepreneur Rajesh has founded and acted as a director to Human Energy (Uganda) Ltd (“HEU”) and Bio-Energy Africa LLC (“BA”). “HE” developed nursery plantations for renewable energy crops in Uganda and “BA” specialised in the worldwide transfer of know-how developed by large scale plantation companies in India. “HE” was sold to RIBEC Plc. ( He co-founded and is a director of HIC ( an NGO based in NW Cameroon and pioneering community cooperatives. He is currently a director of Legendary Investments Plc. ( an AIM listed Company of the London Stock Exchange. He helped start (, a renewable energy company based in Mexico which he now manages on behalf of Legendary Investments Plc. He is a founding director of Earth Bio Energy Ltd (EBE) founded on the principal that “ethical enterprise and holistic trusteeship of people and land is the foundation for lasting change”.

Rajesh lectures internationally on a wide range of subjects which reflect his core interests. Subjects have included: “freedom of expression”,” enforcing Judgments of the ECtHR” (to the Bar of Armenia), International Human Rights Instruments (to The Tibetan Human Rights and Democratic Committee, an NGO based in India), Energy Farming (USA), Kurdish Linguistic Rights in Kurdish regions (in the European Parliament, Brussels), “Spirituality today; Shared responsibilities and shared benefits” (USA).

He has chaired cross border conferences in SE Turkey and Northern Iraq on women’s and children’s rights and the law in conflict situations. He helped organise and chair a seminal international conference on “Energy Farming” held at the Ardh Kumbh Mela in India in 2007.

Rajesh teaches meditation at the Fold ( whose course outline he devised. His hobbies include vegetable gardening, learning Sanskrit and the sitar and perfecting the play he is co-writing.

His greatest joy is being with family.